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ROCKers Website is the place to find and share Christian video and Christian Audio content to use to witness to friends, edify brothers and sisters in the Lord and use as tools to reach the world with the love and saving message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

ROCKers Websites is a non-profit directory of many New Life in Christ websites developed by Christians meeting in the local churches. We love the Lord Jesus and seek to give Him the first place in all things.

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Recent Videos

Dragons of Camelot (2014)

The Kingdom of Camelot is plunged into darkness after the death of noble King Arthur, as the reign of his cruel sorceress sister, Morgan, begins. Commanding three deadly dragons with her dark magic, she hunts the remaining Knights of the Round Table to the ends of the Earth. Galahad realises that in order to succeed, they must find his father, Lancelot, who has been in exile for years. Only then will they be able to journey back to Camelot, defeat Morgan and her dragons, and rescue the Lady Guinevere and the wizard, Merlin. Galahad, Lancelot, Percival and the other brave knights of the ancient order of legend make their perilous journey across hundreds of miles of treacherous terrain, facing hardships and danger at every turn, on an epic quest based on the classic tale of King Arthur and his loyal knights.

Tyanak (2014)

The movie centers the story of Julie, portrayed by Janice de Belen, who takes care of an abandoned child, who has demonic and vampriric powers.

Danny Gokey - Hope in Front of Me

Former American Idol finalist and country singer Danny Gokey has released his sophomore single, Hope in Front of Me, last February, and the single is now Top 10 on Billboard’s Christian Songs chart. The similarly titled album debuted last week at number one on the Christian Albums chart, which indicates that Christian radio is clearly open to Danny Gokey’s entrance into CCM. While Gokey’s country roots are still firmly planted, his newest release is geared for crossover into the Contemporary Christian arena, and it appears it is here where Gokey’s newest release has found its biggest success to date.

Which brings us to Hope in Front of Me. Man, this song is set for Christian AC. An anthemic chorus, inspirational lyrics, and, of course, Gokey’s golden voice, make a compelling argument for the message of the song: that after a season of trouble, there will be better days ahead. Radio is responding, and people are responding, which bodes well for Gokey’s mid-term career prospects. Clearly, there is hope in front of Danny Gokey.

Beauty In A Bottle (2014)

Judith (Angeline Quinto), Vilma (Assunta De Rossi), and Estelle (Angelica Panganiban) are three women with different insecurities. Their lives intertwine when Vilma’s advertising agency is looking for an endorser for a new beauty pill product called “Beauty in a Bottle.” Little did they know, their lives will change when they finally accept what’s inside the “Beauty in a Bottle.”

Me and Ninja Liit (1988)

Zsa Zsa (Roderick Paulate) is a beautician who has no knowledge of his past. Little does he imagine that he comes from a line of great Ninjas. He is supposed to be the heir to the secret of his clan along with his diminutive sister (Aiza Seguerra).

Unfortunately, this secret is coveted by evildoers. Both of them must save Papa San (Ramon Zamora) before the family secret is unlocked.

Director: Junn P. Cabreira | Year: 1988

Cast: Roderick Paulate, Aiza Seguerra, Manilyn Reynes, Janno Gibbs, Ruffa Gutierrez, Dennis da Silva, Nova Villa, Ramon Zamora, Dexter Doria, Jaime Fabregas, Ernie Ortega, Larry Silva, Tatlong Itlog, Ruby Rodriguez

Ang Tanging Ina Mo Last Na To (2010)

Ina Montecilio (Ai-Ai de las Alas) has had a full life – more than most of us can achieve even in multiple lifetimes. She has had four husbands – all of whom have died and left children for her to take care off. She has had a successful run being the President of the Philippines and is now a fledging grandmother to some of her children’s children.

A freak accident at her friend’s wedding throws her perfect life off as her x-ray results reveal that she has a “brain tumor”, with only a few months to live. Ina struggles to accept that her life will be cut short – with her children yet to show maturity in their lives and towards each other.

Director: Wenn V. Deramas | Year: 2010

Cast: Ai-Ai de las Alas, Eugene Domingo, Marvin Agustin, Nikki Valdez, Carlo Aquino, Alwyn Uytingco, Mark Acueza, Shaina Magdayao, Serena Dalrymple, Jiro Manio, Yuki Kadooka, Janelle Calma, Bianca Calma, Xyriel Manabat, Owie Boy Gapuz

Dilim (2014)

A mysterious creature called Dilim, who roams the streets at night and does vigilante work, saving innocent victims by literally devouring the villains. A do-good policeman goes hot on Dilim’s trail, setting off a series of dangerous encounters, bloodbath, and rude awakenings.

The Encounter (2010)

The Encounter, is a Christian film released in 2010. It follows 5 strangers living in California: Nick, a former NFL player and owner of a chain of burger restaurants; Hank and Catherine, a married couple whose marriage is falling apart; Melissa, a Christian on the way to visit her boyfriend (who is a non-Christian) and Kayla, a hitchhiker escaping her horrible living conditions in Los Angeles. When a detour road is closed off, the 5 are stranded in a diner with its' omnipresent owner, who is revealed to be Jesus Christ, and attempts to help each of the patrons face their troubles and help them seek repentance.

Jesus helps Hank and Catherine resolve their marriage issues, helps Melissa realize she needs to break up with her boyfriend as he is not a believer, and helps Kayla find it in her heart to forgive her abusive stepfather, despite everything he has done.

Each patron at the diner ends up being either born-again or is brought to a life changing decision by Jesus except for Nick, whose pride and selfishness causes him to refuse to give up all of his success to convert to Christianity. Officer Deville (the police officer who first informed the patrons of the road being closed off) returns and tells everyone that the road has been re-opened. Nick happily leaves with Deville, who gloats that he has taken one with Jesus saying he has saved four in rebuttal.

As the other patrons leave the diner, they learn from an officer on the road that Nick was involved in a car crash, which killed him instantly. He also reveals that he has never heard of Officer Deville (Kayla also realizes that Deville was actually the Devil in disguise based on the pronunciation of his surname).

The next day, Hank and Catherine find that the diner has mysteriously vanished, possibly because Jesus has managed to accomplish his mission of turning their lives around. In Thailand, Jesus shows up as a waiter, alluding to the sequel film, The Encounter: Paradise Lost.

The Other Side of Heaven (2001) [MultiSub]

The Other Side of Heaven is a 2001 American adventure drama film written and directed by Mitch Davis. The film stars Christopher Gorham and Anne Hathaway.

The film is about Groberg's experience as a Christian missionary in the Tongan islands in the 1950s and is based on a true story from the book that he wrote about his experiences, In the Eye of the Storm. The film focuses on Groberg's adventurous experiences and trials while serving as a missionary in the South Pacific. While portraying these events, the film discusses little LDS theology, focusing instead on the Mormon missionary experience.

Road to Redemption (2001)

ROAD TO REDEMPTION is a lively, funny Christian comedy from World Wide Pictures, the movie ministry of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association. It opens in February and March in select cities. The movie tells the comical story of Amanda, a spoiled young woman who gets in trouble after she and her boyfriend take money from her boss, a gangster. Amanda turns to her wealthy grandfather, a witty, kind, compassionate man with a weak heart and a strong faith in Jesus Christ. He agrees to give her the money to pay her debt, but only if she travels with him to his favorite fishing hole in Redemption, Mont., where they spent time when she was a little girl many years ago. Of course, her boss and his henchman have dragged her boyfriend into the search for her. Now, they’re hot on her trail.

ROAD TO REDEMPTION is a fast-paced comedy with wholesome values. An added bonus is the movie’s wonderful, crisp color photography, quick editing and strong, frequently comical, performances. ROAD TO REDEMPTION is an entertaining way to introduce people to the serious message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It deserves the Church’s full support.

Sarah Ang Munting Prinsesa (1995)

The adventures of Sarah as she stays at Miss Minchin’s boarding school.

Director: Romy Suzara | Year: 1995

Cast: Camille Prats, Mat Ranillo III, Jean Garcia, Rio Locsin, Romeo Rivera, Romy Romulo, Tony Carreon, Ramon Recto, Jaime Fabregas, Malou Crisologo, Paula Peralejo, Kathleen Go Quieng, Angelica Panganiban, Angelica Pedersen, Ani Pearl Alonzo

The Prophet

Please watch the trailer to "The Prophet". It's like if "Heaven Is For Real" and "God's Not Dead" got together and had a baby. Only $0.99 on Amazon -

The Prophet - Book Review

The Prophet - Book Review

Great People of the Bible

The inspiring story of their family through four generations. Abraham's faith pleased God and he became founder of the Jewish nation. Sarah became mother of a nation and anscestor of Jesus. Isaac was the miracle child; he was the first descendant in fulfillment of God's promise to Abraham. Jacob was the third link in God's plan to start a nation from abraham; he was the father of the 12 tribes of Israel. Joseph was the favorite son of Jacob and Rachel and was known for his personal integrity and as man of spiritual sensitivity. Approx. 2 hours.

The Messiah: Prophecy Fulfilled (2002)

This Is An AWESOME Movie That Shows The Foreshdowing From The Old Testament Of Jesus Christ Which Was Revealed In In The New, Rabbi Juda In This Movie At The Time Was One Of 500 Witnesses That Witnessed The Resurrection Of Christ Jesus, And This Movie Shows The Passover As A Prophecy Fulfilled Through Jesus Christ. ENJOY.

The Emissary

The world-changing saga of Paul the Apostle. The early first century followers of Jesus were a small, struggling group within Judaism who seemingly posed no threat to anyone, certainly not the mighty Roman empire. But there was one determined to see this fledging faith exterminated. His name was Saul and he became the greatest persecutor of the early church. But within a matter of a few years, the Christians fiercest opponent became its most effective advocate. Struck down by a powerful conversion experience on the road to Damascus, Saul--his name changed to Paul--went on to become the greatest missionary in the history of Christianity. He went on to write more of the New Testament books than any other. In this impressive drama starring Garry Cooper, we follow Saul the angry zealot to Paul the servant of Christ who will pay any price to bring his message to the world.

Victory Worship, “Radical Love”

Victory Worship, a group of passionate worshipers from Victory that is committed to making music that honors God and makes disciples, has released Radical Love, its first live worship album. The title track is the carrier single, and is now receiving airplay across the Philippines on Saved Radio 106.7FM and 702 DZAS.

Radical Love features 11 songs that communicate Bible truths, express the group’s passion for Christ, and emphasizes the church’s values of lordship, evangelism, discipleship, leadership, and family. Victory Worship’s ministry is their offering of praise to God.

Admittedly, I played some role in the group’s promotions and social media plan, so I can’t speak from a completely unbiased perspective, but I am extremely proud of what Victory Worship has been able to accomplish. Radical Love, in particular, is a special song with a universal message that should speak to anyone looking for meaning, and for anyone who’s ever experienced the saving knowledge of Christ. Written by Victor Asuncion, Kit Estrella, Julius Fabregas & Mico del Mundo, Radical Love‘s three key strengths are 1) an extremely singable chorus; 2) a powerful, anthemic bridge; and 3) that incredible message of salvation by God’s radical love. Cathy Go’s voice is like a furnace on full blast, and she just blows the roof off with an unbelievable vocal performance. Kudos!

Furthermore, the Radical Love MV is, in my opinion, world-class, something we can proudly put alongside Hillsong, Citipointe, Elevation Worship, or Planetshakers. While Victory is clearly supporting its worship ministry, there are several comments indicating people from other churches have been able to listen to the song and enjoy it. It is our prayer that more people around the world get to hear the songs, because this is proudly Filipino-Christian music from the hearts of Filipino worshipers.

Victory Worship

Words & Music by Victor Asuncion, Kit Estrella, Julius Fabregas & Mico del Mundo
© 2014 Every Nation Music

You found me in my darkest hour
You gave me hope and gave me life
You give a love that’s greater
You lead me out the darkness
And into Your light

I was blind but now I see
Your mercy, it has set me free
Your favor’s all around me
Your radical love has found me
Now I sing

Take my heart Lord
It is Yours
Oh, it is yours
Oh, it is yours

No one else can save my soul
No one else can make me whole
Jesus, You have won me
Your radical love surrounds me
Now I sing

Take my heart Lord
It is Yours
Oh, it is yours
Oh, it is yours

Take my life Lord
It is Yours
Oh, it is yours
Oh, it is yours

I’m giving up my all
For You and You alone
For Your sacrifice
I’m laying down my life

The price You paid
The life You gave
The cross and the grave
My sins now erased

Take my heart Lord
It is Yours
Oh, it is yours
Oh, it is yours

Take my life Lord
It is Yours
Oh, it is yours
Oh, it is yours

Dara Maclean, “Blameless”

Contemporary Christian singer/songwriter Dara Maclean’s latest album, the criminally under-appreciated release Wanted, featured a beautiful acoustic ballad called Blameless, a track about the restorative power of salvation and forgiveness God offers us. Well, Maclean recently re-recorded the track, giving it an full arrangement and an edgier delivery. The end result is an irresistible, southern gospel-tinged power ballad not unlike tracks by Needtobreathe and Big Daddy Weave.

More than the fresh rearrangement and passionate vocal–when Maclean slides effortlessly into the chorus, joined by that gospel choir, well, all we need are angels and a sweet chariot to take us home–the power of Maclean’s Blameless lies in the gospel truth of its lyrics. What manner of love is this, she sings, that You would lay down Your life / You paid the price, the sacrifice for redemption / Now I am determined to know Christ and Him crucified. As we say in Filipino, umpisa pa lang, ulam na (literally translated, the start of the song alone has all the meat, but figuratively, it means the opening lines are satisfying already). The way Maclean captures the heart of the worshiper is absolutely brilliant, and that is the power of Blameless.

Carrie Underwood, “Something in the Water”

How appropriate that the song that would knock Hillsong United’s Oceans out of the number one spot on the Billboard Christian Songs chart, would still be a song about water. Well, baptism, to be precise. With Something in the Water, country superstar Carrie Underwood earns her first number one hit on the Christian Songs chart, surpassing the Top 10 performance of Jesus Take the Wheel, the second single off her country debut, Some Hearts, when it was released in 2005. The carrier single of Underwood’s latest release, Greatest Hits: Decade 1, debuted at number one on the Christian Songs chart and peaked in the Top 10 of the country charts as well. You gotta give it to Underwood. She started her country career giving glory to God, and she’s starting the decade of her career doing the same thing. As she begins a new season – motherhood, her first child with athlete husband Mike Fisher – she’s singing about the God Who’s made it all possible for her. She’s at this point where she can do virtually no wrong, and she continues to reap commercial and critical success. More than just American Idol winner, she’s transcended the reality show genre and become a bonafide superstar who is not afraid to give the glory back to God. Brilliant, brave, and bold. It must be something in the water. SOMETHING IN THE WATER Lyrics Carrie Underwood He said, “I’ve been where you’ve been before. Down every hallway’s a slamming door. No way out, no one to come and save me. Wasting a life that the Good Lord gave me. Then somebody said what I’m saying to you, Opened my eyes and told me the truth.” They said, “Just a little faith, it’ll all get better.” So I followed that preacher man down to the river and now I’m changed And now I’m stronger There must’ve been something in the water Oh, there must’ve been something in the water Well, I heard what he said and I went on my way Didn’t think about it for a couple of days Then it hit me like a lightning late one night I was all out of hope and all out of fight Couldn’t fight back the tears so I fell on my knees Saying, “God, if you’re there come and rescue me.” Felt love pouring down from above Got washed in the water, washed in the blood and now I’m changed And now I’m stronger There must be something in the water Oh, there must be something in the water And now I’m singing along to amazing grace Can’t nobody wipe this smile off my face Got joy in my heart, angels on my side Thank God almighty, I saw the light Gonna look ahead, no turning back Live every day, give it all that I have Trust in someone bigger than me Ever since the day that I believed I am changed And now I’m stronger There must be something in the water (amazing grace) Oh, there must be something in the water (how sweet the sound) Oh, there must be something in the water (that saved a wretch) Oh, there must be something in the water (like me) Oh, yeah I am changed (I once was lost) Stronger (but now I’m found) (was blind but now I see)

The Audio Bible Player - King James Version

A Caution: Bible Movies Are Not Accurate

Please be aware that almost every bible movie is often not scripturally or historically accurate. This is most especially true of any bible movies which are made by Hollywood. As such, these films should only be considered as entertainment, and nothing more. We recommend regular personal reading of the Holy Bible, preferably the King James AV, to ensure our faith in Jesus Christ remains as accurate and as scripturally truthful at all times.

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